Are you ready for an Adventure in a Galaxy Far Away?

Cross the lightsaber with the most famous villain in the history of cinema, meet the stormtroopers - the elite of the Imperial army and meet the Emperor himself.

Will you go to the dark side of the force and join the Empire, or will you stay loyal to the light side and defend the galaxy by becoming a Knight?

Daredevils training in power under the supervision of the master will be accompanied by the ubiquitous R2D2 robot, and for commemorative photos, apart from characters from the dark side of the force, there will also be 1:1 scale figures: a golden 3PO robot and a green master of power.

In addition to perfecting the art of swordsmanship, those willing will also be able to try their hand at virtual sword fighting using AR (augmented reality) technology.

It's going to be a fun-filled weekend, we promise!