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A city with an unusual atmosphere

Apart from the stunning beauty, the Sudetes also attract with their mystery. Countless
legends about the Spirit of the Mountains - Liczyrzepa, the Walloons and their ubiquitous
signs, as well as stories about the treasures that hide the local streams and forest
backwoods are other reasons why it is worth visiting Szklarska Poręba. Due to its location, it
is also an ideal starting point for trips to nearby Jakuszyce, Karpacz, Jelenia Góra, Prague,
and even Vienna.
When talking about Szklarska Poręba, it is impossible not to mention downhill skiing. In the
town itself, there are 15 km of ski slopes of various difficulty and 14 ski lifts. Most of them
were situated on the towering over the city of Szrenica. Right on the city border, in the
Czech town of Harrachov, which is considered the Czech capital of winter sports, there are 7
km of slopes of all difficulty levels.